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Product Description

Probiotic Boost Promotes: 

  • Supports a Healthy Gut​
  • A Healthy Gut will more fully utilize the micronutrients in the Gut​
  • More completely absorbed and utilized micronutrients in the Gut will enhance your health

Probiotic Boost is: 

  • Third Party Tested​
  • Acid Resistant Strains​
  • Combined with Prebiotic​
  • Most Effective Probiotic available 

Probiotic Boost Dosage: 

  • Take one capsule everyday with food​
  • Take for 3-6 months to have a healthy gut​
  • After your gut is healthy take one capsule 1-2 times per week for maintenance of a healthy gut​

 Pro Tip

  • You do not want to take probiotic daily long-term everyday if your gut is healthy​
  • The reason is too much bacteria (even good bacteria) can lead to health issues related to having too much bacteria in your gut.  Avoid if having surgery.​​