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Product Description

Trying to get RIGHT internally or get TIGHT physically, then let me introduce PNUT’s signature formulation PRTN.M. It's time to LEVEL UP your nutrition, so stop drinking protein with SKETCH ingredients from QUESTIONABLE sources, and start drinking PRTN.M a source of liquid vitality created with the best ingredients from sources that keep it 100! We don't BS when it comes to nutrition, and you shouldn’t either.

Boost your day with PRTN.M your source of liquid vitality
PRTN.M only has 5 INGREDIENTS they are all NON-GMO and ORGANIC

  • This is the foundation of our brand much like Protein (amino-acids) are the foundation of our bodies.  Our Signature Formulation is available in Chocolate and Vanilla. Made with Whey Isolate + Moringa as the main ingredients.
  • This formula was developed by a top food pharmacologist, with the intention of providing cell-available nutrition that is a complete food that does not have to be digested, to make it easier on those with compromised immune and digestive systems. 
  • When you have the proper aminos in the proper amounts and sequence, your body has what it needs  to make protein chains and protect itself.
  • PNUT’s signature formulation PRTN.M is combined with MORINGA aka natures "Miracel tree," as well as other superfood powerhouses; which brings a whole new level of NUTRITION.
  • Our formulation only has ingredients you can recognize and of course there are NO fillers, preservatives, or junk PERIOD.    

PRTN.M is good for EVERYONE in the fam, and has been known to help with just about everything.

 Insomnia → Nerve Pain → Restless Leg → Muscle Building → Breastfeeding  → Pregnancy → Anxiety → Hair & Nail Growth → Cravings 

Product Details

18 Servings 25g of Protein per serving 0g of Sugar 0g of Fat 

Food Certifications  

Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, Keto-Friendly

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