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Product Description

Micro Daily EMF is a specially formulated product for Fifth Generation Wireless and EMF Radiation Defense and Immune System Boost

Micro Daily EMF protects your body from the inside out

  •  Fifth Generation Wireless Protection
  •  EMF Radiation Defense
  •  Immune System Boost
  •  Scientifically Validated
  •  Natural Ingredients
  •  Optimizes Anti-Inflammation Response
  •  Reduces Effects of Cell Damaging Free Radicals
  •  Promotes Anxiety and Stress Relief
  •  Supports Pain Relief
  •  Enhances Optimal Sleep

Product Details

  • 180 capsules per bottle
  • Recommended dosage is 3 capsules per dose
  • Take 2-3 doses per day
  • Take with food for optimal benefits and absorption
  • Contains Methylated Folate and VItamin B-12

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