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Collagen Daily

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Product Description

Collagen Daily was specifically formulated with Collagen Type I and III Peptides, Enhanced with Anti-Aging Enzyme Inhibitors and Hyaluronic Acid to increase the productivity of the collagen. * This is a Patent Pending Product

Collagen Daily promotes:

  • Replenishment of the Body's Collagen
  • Enzyme Inhibitors further increase Collagen Production
  • Restoration of Skin Moisture and Smoothness
  • Anti-Aging by improving Young Looking Skin Texture
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Reduces Skin Wrinkling and Sagging
  • Hair and Nail Health
  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Bone and Muscle Health
  • Strengthens Tendons and Ligaments.

Collagen Daily is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Grass Fed 

Product Details

Dr. Prasad's recommended Daily dosage

  • 11.6 grams per serving
  • 1-2 servings per day
  • Each tub contains 30 servings
Scoop Usage
  • Full scoop is 16-17 grams
  • 2/3rds scoop is 11-12 grams
  • Half scoop is 8-9 grams


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